Docking & Repair

Our maintenance program aid making certain that vessels satisfy the operational requirements as well as abide by category and policies.

Purchase of spares

Spare parts can be purchased all over the world at various prices, qualities and terms.

Most purchases can be planned in advance which enables our regular suppliers to deliver at prices, qualities and terms that reflect the hectic environment of today’s shipping operation.

In order to purchase the correct spares we have a full record of the majority of equipment onboard the vessels. This record is updated with new purchases ensuring delivery of correct spares.

Docking is one of our forces.

The reason for docking varies. There are ordinary dockings and more sophisticated dockings such as emergency dockings, conversions, rebuilding and repairs of various kinds.

We have performed dockings in countries all over the world – among them:

Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Canary Islands, Greece, India, Singapore, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Montenegro etc.

Prior to each docking specifications containing a detailed description of all necessary repairs will be issued. Aspects such as class requests and requirements as well as owners and crew requests are taken into account. These specifications will be sent out for tender to at least 2 shipyards. The tenders will then be evaluated and negotiated. Prior to nomination of the shipyard a written contract must be signed in accordance with our management system.