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We are specialized logistics, management and solutions to businesses worldwide.

“The Traditions of Danish Shipping industry are well known around the world.

This tradition is a part of our daily life. We are pleased and delighted to make good use of this fact, which ensures correct attention to the daily challenges.  Shipping operation of today is a combination of experience, innovation, and tradition. The team behind Seaflex today, consist of highly dedicated persons with different areas of experience, which all together gives the best possible platform, for a wide and professional attendance.”

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Efficient safety and management system to guarantee these objectives are complied with. By doing this, the risk to our fleets can be minimised as well as stay clear of costly fines as well as Port State Control detentions. The goals of the ISPS Code are to make sure safety of ships and also port locations.

Technical management

Technical management entails that SEAFLEX should carry out for the technical operation of a vessel. This entails management relevant to staff management with associated tasks, in coordinations connected to operations in addition to operations, service and maintenance.

Commercial management

SEAFLEX´s commercial management services in all industries for a diverse clientele. As well as when integrated with our technical management provides an appealing package, specifically to non-technical financial investors and organizations.  We can customize a complete commercial management package.

Inspection and survey

In addition to determining any kind of issue or trouble location that concerns the interest, the examiners, as skilled expert seafarers, will certainly supply remarks as well as ideas where they believe it will be practical to the proprietor or master of a ship to help in loss prevention.


SEAFLEX helps you define the range and also objectives of your project. SEAFLEX has a logical method to business development Combining elderly officer seafaring encounter with shore-based evaluation from a leading academic qualifications.


We are honoured to have followed the development within the Offshore Wind Industry from the very beginning. This segment has over the years been exposed to an historical growth which has changed the general understanding of electrical power supply.

To remain with an innovative attitude must at all times remain as a positive and constructive challenge in order to obtain constant improvement, adapting features which can be usefull for the future development.

In order to secure the best level onboard the vessels, that complies with the high demands from our clients has Seaflex A/S obtained the status of Accredited Vessels inspectors by IMCA / CMID registry.


  • Management 75% 75%
  • Technical 55% 55%
  • Commercial 87% 87%
  • Consultants 75% 75%
  • Inspection and survey 75% 75%
  • Repair 35% 35%
  • Projects 50% 50%
  • Offshore 67% 67%

Carrying out a proficiency typology as an one-of-a-kind source of competitive benefit.







Shipping operation of today is a combination of experience, innovation and tradition. It is the aim to implement the experience made in the past, to operate the vessel by mean of our type approved management system SeaPlan, which is design to provide a smooth and effective handling of communication and documentation. The innovative attitude is a challenge, which is necessary to obtain constant improvement, adapting features which can be useful for the future development.

having been follwing the development within Offshore Wind Industry from the very first beginning, which has been an additional market segment that we are very honoured to be a part of. Seaflex A/S is registered a IMCA surveyor, to secure a standard onboard the vessels that complies with IMO, Marpol, Solas and MLC regulations. The team behind Seaflex today, consist of highly dedicated persons with different areas of experience, which all together gives the best possible background, for a wide and professional attendance and solution.

We are proud to declare targets, which includes values like:

Effective and consistent management, which takes values like personal care, environmental protection and proper maintenance into consideration, during the daily operation.

To maintain a flexible, polite and constructive attitude to our clients and partners, to reach a mutual fruitful relation and cooperation.

Coordination and proper planning are keywords for obtaining a successful and beneficial investment, for our partners and consumers.

Constantly to be updated with national and international regulations, and manage to fulfil and implement them accordingly.

Maintain deadlines and schedules. In care they are not fulfil, any delays will be reported immediately.